Měsíc: Březen 2005

Apache mod_ext_filter

Article named Vzduch v kódu (HTML a CSS) talks about post-production compression of HTML code and CSS using a special software, after you have all your code ready to be published.

More elegant way (at least for me) to do this is the server-side compression (whitespace stripping) on-the-fly, which can be for example done by a small (but experimental) module called mod_ext_filter for The Apache web server. This module provides very easy way to do almost any post-processing. For example post-processing of style sheets or any markup language code.

Easy way in this context means that you have to write a few lines of C/C++ code (or if you don’t speak C, you can use the shell script or anything you are familiar with) which will read the content from the standard input, strip whitespaces (and possibly all comments and other garbage) and return it to the standard output.

Module mod_ext_filter also supports cacheable output, so you don’t have to handle it in your code. And you have to never think about not forgetting to compress your new style sheets or code again. You simply publish it and forget.

Notice that advanced users should use mod_filter directly instead of using mod_ext_filter.


When I’ve been watching Constantine, I smiled sometimes. But I was not scared, so I can’t say that it’s an horror movie, but it could be an anti-smoking action thriller with some obscene finger gestures and (mostly poor) humor. Even if you now what will happen in next five minutes.

I like Keanu Reeves since his appearance in The Devil’s Advocate (1997) and The Matrix (1999), but I have to tell you that this is not his best movie ever. In fact, it is another exorcist movie arranged by the Hollywood. So it is funny, readable, with great audio/visual effects, but really far from The Devil’s Advocate mentioned above and I think you can’t take it seriously. It seemed to me that the director tried to make another video clip more that an adaptation of the comic book. Also the characters are miserably misinterpreted, so you can’t really believe in them, but the movie goes fast so you will probably not get bored enough to leave the cinema before it ends.

3 of 10. Sorry, Neo.

Prepared Outage

This server will be out of order for 5 days starting at the end of March, probably the 31st. The hardware will be moved from a current provider to the new ISP and also from Brno to Prague. Current provider is too expensive (that means about three times more than the real market price) and it’s SLA is not good enough for any serious service.

New ISP has not been selected yet, but I will choose between GTS and Active24.

I hope that all services will be restored during the first week of April.

The Vicious Circle of Czech Job Market

I visited my friends after I’ve received my tax return and we discussed sociological and economical theories. One of them was the theory of current Czech job market and the average Czech family situation. The solid base of this theory was the Second World War and it’s incidences together with the influence of the Women’s Sufrage.

During the war and after it’s end, women started to work, because too many men were involved in killing their fellows or they were already dead. Women wanted to get as much money as it was usual for men, but the society was not ready (and it still isn’t) to give that money to women for the same piece of work. So they started to work much harder believing in better wages.

The problem was that more women, thirsty for their liberty and money, came to the job market, following the example of their neighbors and the job market became to be full of the cheap workforce. That was also good for the employers, but really bad for the workers. They in fact lost their freedom and their families lost mothers.

It was not so bad in the US and the rest of the economically healthy world, but the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia was successful in deforming the job market from another side. They told people that everything belongs to everybody and pursued every citizen to work. Many of them were undereducated, asocials, former criminals, simply they were not ready to work, so they attended their jobs every day, but they consumed more resources than they produced. And this silly behaviour prevails until now. Too many people go to work every day but they in fact do nothing. And the worst thing is that they are mostly involved in civil service.

So we have two different market factors. Working women, who fill the job market, and people in civil service going to work every day, but producing less than they consume. It also simply means that the state consumes more than it produces.

I also presume that there is a connection between these two factors and current family situation. Too many women work today, so there are too many men getting their dinners served cold and women lose their gentle art of retaining their husbands married. So they divorce more and more.

Although I’m a man, I have no prejudice against women’s freedom, but too many mature women told me that if it is possible, they will stay at home. It is natural for them to stay with their children and take care about their homes. In early thirties of the twentieth century, women had a possibility to work, but now it is a must, because one person can’t support the whole family.

Now we all are the components of this vicious circle.

Tax payer vs. state services

What do you do every year in March? I usually visit my accounting company and try to stay calm, when my beautiful bookkeeper tries to explain to me all that numbers.

That’s not bad, because I can talk to the thinking human for a while instead of talking to machines. But the worst thing is to face all that fees arising from my profit. In fact, they are terrible! So huge and ugly! This year is of course my worst, because my profit becomes better and better year to year.

I did some simple calculations and I was surprised (not too much) by the fact that I had to work for the state until the end of May last year. That means everything I earn during first 5 months goes directly to the state next March.

This year, it will be of course worse. I wonder if it is still beneficial to be self-employed and of course I think about being an employee of some big company with all that paid vacations, medical care, dental care, free phone call, etc. Fortunately for the state, not seriously enough.

Now there are some questions especially for the officers of the state and for my government. Where are my taxes? Is the value of services provided by the state adequate to the volume of our taxes? And where the hell are all those electoral promises?

All Is Full Of Love

Have you ever seen the clip for the song All Is Full Of Love performed by Björk directed by famous Chris Cunningham? I have seen it for the first time today and I was shocked. Positively. It is nice, gentle and extraordinary peaceful.

Two humanoid robots – first looking like the second, but they are different – being created by another machines present us the desire of lesbian love. And that’s not everything, the clip brings us more messages. About soul and maternity and so. It’s fantastic and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it before, because this clip won many awards around the world. You can find more information here.

The huge Moving

After crawling the web and searching for some content management system, I decided to move my old website to this one. I also decided to move my photo gallery to the new location using open source project Gallery in beta version Gallery2. While I’m moving all the content, you can find my new gallery at http://www.hq.cz/gallery2, but it now includes only a very small part of original gallery. If you want to, you can of course help me building it.

My old website uses Visual Engine 1, content management system developed in PHP by myself before many many years. It is currently one of the oldest Czech weblogs. To be honest, I started writing there before the word blog was invented and maybe that is the reason why I still prefer web log. Photo gallery was the plug-in for it, which came with features like on-the-fly resize, user quality pre-selection and fast caching.

Last big change is translation to English. I will not translate everything, but the most important articles and hopefully all photo titles.

There are some things like 3 mega-words Czech/English dictionary, which was crawled by spiders during last 10 weeks. This robots‘ activity caused very high load to my poor webserver, so I’m thinking about shutting the dictionary down completely. Of course I will not put the link here, because I don’t want another spider to index it. 🙂