Měsíc: Červen 2005

Fast speeds and bad tyres

Me and my two passengers quietly survived the explosion of one and half year old Barum Brilantis tyre on left back wheel in the speed near to 140 km/h. Tyre exploded without any visible reason on it’s full height (about 7 centimeters) on the outer side of the wheel. Nobody has been injured and nothing has been damaged (except the tyre itself). Am I not the lucky man?

You can look at the photo.

IT pressures

My personal experience from my jobs in the huge companies during last years is that the pressure on lowering IT costs and especially to stop new investments is becoming unbelievable. The shareholders‘ pressure to their IT managers is nearly as high as possible, because the general public IT understanding is on a very high level. And of course IT industry itself is mature and stable for last few years. Let me guess the period of stability started in 2001 when Hewlett-Packard bought one of it’s biggest rivals Compaq, which was the last big earthquake in IT industry. There were many small earthquakes like IBM selling it’s PC business to Lenovo, but not important to what I want to say today.

There are more reasons for that pressure we need to think about. In my opinion, one of them is that the IT hardware lasts longer. I mean that you can have a piece of hardware that nobody wants to work with. For example old Pentium II servers with slow SCSI controllers, five or more years old hard drives and slow RAM modules (hardware compared to what you can have for a hundred Euros) are still used to power on-line business critical applications like search engines or e-Commerce applications. Our new applications are now running on the hardware which has been obsoleted by the industry one or two years before we started the development of these applications.
Číst dále

Josef Jíra

One of my favourite artists, Josef Jíra, died today in the age of 75 after a long disease in the hospital. He made the picture of pheasant enriching my flat for years and is also known as the creator of king size wooden Bethlehem, which he made with the chainsaw in 1999 in Kryštofovo Údolí near Liberec.

Spyware fight (gclib.exe)

Today, I found one malware (gclib.exe) on one of my customer’s PCs, which was a little bit hard to get rid of. It was caused by this 10 kilobyte piece of software downloading other malware pieces from various sites (ysbweb.com, lab-wire.com, ultradialer.com, qck.cc, xxxtoolbar.com) and installs them to the system registry after system startup. Neither any current version of malware detection tool nor Grisoft AVG7 detected it, so I needed to identify it first. It was pretty easy, because it does not mask itself in the process list, so I simply killed all the suspicious processes. Later I found that this piece is detected as Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Small.fh by Kaspersky Lab antivirus.

The hard part was to get rid of the other malware installed by it. It was well known PowerScan and some others (the removal process for them is already published in the Internet). What should help you (if you have the same problem) is well performing malware removal software suite AdAware by Lavasoft.

Then I found the suspect registry key named vmtuner in Run section of Windows\CurrentVersion and removed it. I also removed the file itself from C:\WINDOWS\System and re-started the system.

That’s all folks.

Babes in the Wood

Me and my little daughter (she is about two and half years old) were invited by my dear friend Lenka to play the game in woods. The game is held by a community of people who like walking in the woods of Hradec Králové. It is a kind of tradition which started 25 years ago. When I was a child I was there also with my father. That is one of the few experiences I remember from my childhood, so I wanted to take my child there. And it is also good when the children can be in the woods for the whole day and play.

The game consists of about ten goals (mostly concerning the knowledge about the forest and sport exercises) you have to pass through on the 6 kilometers long journey. The child and the parents also, so it is sometimes very funny. And at the end you will meet the dousabel played by some poorly dressed old woman with the big nose, who will give you a gingerbread.

You can see how we enjoyed it in my gallery. All photos except two are taken by me with Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera.