Měsíc: Červenec 2005

Never try to outperform a teenager

Today, as almost every second Wednesday, I have been playing soccer with my colleagues. Also I took with me my manager’s younger brother.

The story begins with 15 years old, 5 and half feet tall teenager Tomáš (or at least I hope it’s his name) playing soccer with heavily experienced 20 to 40+ years old guys. Some of them were really tough, so he probably wanted to show them, he is much better than they presumed. And to be honest, he performed very well. Really, he could be an excellent player.

Ehm, everything went normally during the first twenty minutes. Until I decided to take the ball from Tomáš. And he decided to show us his shot of the year. In that moment, the distance between me and the ball was less than 1,5 meter. You can probably simply imagine what happened.

I was running to the ball from one side and he was running from the opposite side. He was faster, because he is younger, more flexible and blah, blah, blah … and of course he does not smoke.

After he reached the ball, he fired. I raised my hand to protect the face, but I was not fast enough, so the ball clicked my finger bones to my face. It was the same as running very fast towards somebody’s fist. I know it sounds funny, but trust me, it’s not.
Now I look like a boxing match outsider after six very hard rounds (hope that there are no photos publicly available). The skin around my left eye covering the cheek bone plays every possible color from violet to dark green. Fortunately neither the nose nor the cheek bone is broken, but both look like. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

So kids, what have you learnt today?

Fast speeds and bad tyres – continued

The Barum Continental company experts found out, why my tyre accidentally exploded. It was because the tyre valve has been broken by something on the road, some small piece of stone or more probably a pit edge. Unfortunately, pits appear very regularly on our highways. The man in the tyre service station told me that all of remaining tyre valves should be replaced because they are old as so the probability of breaking another one is very high. So I replaced them and now I feel much safer.