Měsíc: Srpen 2005

Příběh pracovitého Mravenečka

Každý den ráno přicházel do jednoho podniku Mraveneček, který byl výkonný a šťastný tvoreček. Trávil zde celé dny, pracoval a zpíval si u práce krásné písničky a radoval se ze života. Byl výkonný, byl šťastný, ale běda! Nikdo ho nekontroloval! A tak Sršeň, hlavní vedoucí, který toto považoval za nepřípustné, vytvořil pracovní místo kontrolora, na které přijal Švába s velkými zkušenostmi v kontrolních činnostech.

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Hoggish marketing in TV competitions

Have you ever called paid numbers? Those starting with 906? Isn’t it the absolute nonsense?

Let’s say we have a bid 1 mio. CZK (or fufniks or whatever) and the bidding question: What does it mean Big Brother? Does it mean Big Brother or Big Father?
OK, you know the answer, so you call the paid number and you spend about 60 per call. More than 100 000 people have the same idea and they spend ~ 50 per call.
So the company providing the competition has 5 mio. (or bigger) income and your winning chance is about 100 000:1 (the one hundred thousand to one).

OK, to be clear the net income is not 4 mio., because the company must pay some people, they must pay taxes, insurance and so and so forth. So it could be about 2 mio. of after tax money.

Great, isn’t it? Do you still want to call them?

Note: Hoggish marketing is also the term used by Radek Hulán describing the marketing strategies of ATI Technologies Inc.

Lizards caught

You can see photos of two zootoca vivipara lizards (thanks to Mr. Pavel Šmek for the exact identification), which I took during the weekend in Šárovcova Lhota. One has only the quarter of his tail and the second one is little bit longer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough to catch the little lizard child (about 5 centimeters body length) who was also there.

RE: Ořez obrázků pomocí JavaScriptu a PHP

2 chose: Very nice and useful piece of code. Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me if you need help with the resizing of the picture (I already have it in the stone age version of my photo gallery).

2 dédétéčko: The principle of adding the picture resizing function is much more simple than you probably think, because all the work with graphics will be handled by the browser. You change the actual size of the HTML document object accordingly to the actual cursor position (similar to the resizing of the cropping frame). The most important thing you have to do is to write your own function which will get x,y-size of the image and fill it into some hidden inputs when the form’s onSubmit event is fired. Than you can recalculate the image using PHP (but it will never be fast enough) or call for example ImageMagick to get the resized image.

Note: This post is my reaction to this article and it’s here because Chose does not support trackbacks.

Reality show mania

The nation has been caught up by the reality show fever. First show started few days ago and the next one will start I think in September on the main commercial channel. I haven’t seen it yet, because I’ve recently limited smoking and I’m not ready to watch the show yet. But, I admit that I’m really curious.

And of course, it’s nice to see how the download speeds on almost any media (including the backbones) grow during the show every day.

Gmail released

Today was the day of unexpected releases. The first was Google Talk (as I noted before in this article) and now the same company released it’s popular Gmail to the general public.

I personally think that it was not planned, but the existing Gmail account is needed to use Google Talk, so they’ve made the decision to release Gmail (after 16 months of beta testing) to support the Google Talk.

Both services are free, but commercial and not as open as we want them. But they work so well, that they will be a must have in a few months.

Google Talk is here

The world’s most popular search engine provider introduced it’s beta version of Google Talk. Let’s take a closer look on it.

It is a small application available only for windows. But you have not to be worried, because it’s based on XMMP formal standard defined by IETF and previously by the Jabber open-source community. These standards are open and there are many IM client implementations available.

It supports Google accounts and integrates Gmail address book. That’s good and bad, because you need the existing Gmail account to use it, so you also need an invitation from the Gmail user (eg. me).
It supports not only instant messaging but very nice voice communication too. It will probably use SIP in the near future and I guess that video will follow in less than one year.

Usually beta in Google’s native language means something more than very useful. For example Gmail is the technology leader in web-based e-mail and I suppose that Google Talk will achieve leadership in instant messaging very soon, because it is crystal clear, it has nice and simple interface and it works.

One question remains. Who will be listed as the bestseller of wireless VoIP headsets in Czech Republic on Froogle?

Curious RIPE assignments

I was surprised today, when I’ve found out that some IPv4 address spaces are not registered (and probably they are not assigned) in RIPE DB, but they are still used. I thought that this is not possible or it’s not possible for such a long time.

For example the GoogleBot web indexing spider farm uses address space in – and probably more than this, but I can’t find any record matching this address space in RIPE DB. Is it RIPE‚s fault or is Google using unassigned space for his robots?

Having fun with free software

Respected author, anti-nazi and pro-marijuana campaigner J.X.Doležal published probably the most controversial article about the Firefox browser and the open source community. I will not point at the factual mistakes he made in his article, because others already did it (for example root.cz from the Internet Info family).

I want to share my surprise about what nobody mentioned. For many people (including myself), free software is about having fun in the first place. Writing it, using it or modifying it to meet your needs. It’s not always about the money. Many people prefer Linux as the OS kernel, Apache every time they need the web server and Firefox for browsing the web. Not because it’s the best thing they can have for the least amount of money, but simply because they have more fun with free software than with commercial software. And at last but not least, when you pay for something you expect that it will bring you more money. That’s how the business works today.

One observation in the end: I don’t need replacement for any free software, I always replace commercial software with free software. But this is out of the scope of my article.