The huge Moving

After crawling the web and searching for some content management system, I decided to move my old website to this one. I also decided to move my photo gallery to the new location using open source project Gallery in beta version Gallery2. While I’m moving all the content, you can find my new gallery at, but it now includes only a very small part of original gallery. If you want to, you can of course help me building it.

My old website uses Visual Engine 1, content management system developed in PHP by myself before many many years. It is currently one of the oldest Czech weblogs. To be honest, I started writing there before the word blog was invented and maybe that is the reason why I still prefer web log. Photo gallery was the plug-in for it, which came with features like on-the-fly resize, user quality pre-selection and fast caching.

Last big change is translation to English. I will not translate everything, but the most important articles and hopefully all photo titles.

There are some things like 3 mega-words Czech/English dictionary, which was crawled by spiders during last 10 weeks. This robots‘ activity caused very high load to my poor webserver, so I’m thinking about shutting the dictionary down completely. Of course I will not put the link here, because I don’t want another spider to index it. 🙂

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