Tax payer vs. state services

What do you do every year in March? I usually visit my accounting company and try to stay calm, when my beautiful bookkeeper tries to explain to me all that numbers.

That’s not bad, because I can talk to the thinking human for a while instead of talking to machines. But the worst thing is to face all that fees arising from my profit. In fact, they are terrible! So huge and ugly! This year is of course my worst, because my profit becomes better and better year to year.

I did some simple calculations and I was surprised (not too much) by the fact that I had to work for the state until the end of May last year. That means everything I earn during first 5 months goes directly to the state next March.

This year, it will be of course worse. I wonder if it is still beneficial to be self-employed and of course I think about being an employee of some big company with all that paid vacations, medical care, dental care, free phone call, etc. Fortunately for the state, not seriously enough.

Now there are some questions especially for the officers of the state and for my government. Where are my taxes? Is the value of services provided by the state adequate to the volume of our taxes? And where the hell are all those electoral promises?

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