Quote of the day #3

No, I will not eat this ...Me: Hello little girl, how are you?
Leontýna: Well daddy, I went to the city and left mom at home.


Me: So you are in the city, right?
Leontýna: Yep. And mummy is at home. I’m alone in the city.


Me: Eh, can you give me mom to the phone?
Leontýna: No, dad, she’s at home. Far away.
Me: Uhm, and what you did today?
Leontýna: I was at work and at school.
Me: Are you sure?
Leontýna: Yep, I worked today.
Me: And what about lunch? How was your lunch?
Leontýna: I’ve had some meat and little potatoes.
Me: Ah, sure. And what about your kindergarten? How was it there?
Leontýna: I’ve told you of half a minute that I was at work.

few minutes talking about her work and lunch and so, mom whispers something about strawberries in the background

Me: Eh, could you please give me mom to the phone?
Leontýna: No, she is at home and I’m in the city. Alone!

public transportation noise

Me: Ah, yeah, I’m sorry. Are you in the tram?
Leontýna: No, I’m in the city and mom is at home.

having small talk

Leontýna: So, I have to go to work now.

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