My apologies to all those brave boys and cute girls who posted their comments on this site during the last quarter. I was honestly amazed by the huge number of posts waiting in the moderation queue.

Let me thank you in advance, even if your comments are mostly waiting for being marked as spam and trashed. Stay tuned, your time will come and maybe you’ll be the lucky one having the opinion published @ HQ.

OK, honestly, there is no real chance. But the hope dies last and I can’t physically discourage you from spending your promising life waiting.

Even if I haven’t wrote a single word here for a couple of months, I still have many topics to share. Most of them are pretty exciting, because I’m still maturing to a full-fledged man (Oh, let’s just pretend I’m doing it, OK?), my wife’s getting smarter, neater and generaly more awesome than ever, what leads to a constantly growing family which needs to be loved, fed, clothed and so on. And this means leaving the company I was working for (last six years or something like that), founding another one of my own, having less time to write here … Let’s call it a wonderful miracle of the real life!

Since I guess will not have a chance to moderate the comments or write a single word here ‚til the end of the Y2k9, let me wish you a (master)piece in mind (and this time I’m not joking) and a very H:py nyu een 2kA!

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