Měsíc: Květen 2005

  • The Robots

    Sweet enough movie with forgettable story, but with some deep thoughts expressed.

  • Funny websites of the week

    You surely know root.cz and probably personally some of the authors. This article is just a raised flag for two nice web sites around.

  • Restoring services

    After more than one month of outage, I restored e-mail services, DNS and webs.

  • Meeting Buddhism for the First Time

    I talked to my friend Sabina about some of my life experiences and my view of the World. She told me that I'm not far from the Buddhism, which I wasn't able to rebut. Simply because I didn't know anything about it. She told me that I can meet Danish lama Ole Nydahl next week. I saw it as a great opportunity to gain more experience about myself and the others. So I came to the meeting and here are my first expressions from the Buddhism and the meeting with the lama.