Měsíc: Květen 2005

The Robots

Fairy tale of the young guy with the head full of nice ideas trying to save the world. World of robots. Made by robots and used by robots.

Prepare for that everybody in this movie is a robot. Not only the humans, but also toys, toasters and toilets. And it’s nice, because everybody (and everything) behaves like in normal world. It’s again the same story — take something/somebody (bug, fish, toy, cars or for example fairy tale heroes) and let them live a normal life with all the absurd situations coming from the fact that it’s not human, but behaves the same in a very natural way.

You have probably seen some other movies (the best are surely those made by DreamWorks SKG and The Pixar Studios). This one is, by my opinion, not so good. But it is more than good enough to be seen in the IMAX theatres. And it is also funny enough for kids, even if it is not rated as clean as possible (MPAA PG for some brief language and suggestive humor). And I strongly recommend to watch out for the original (not dubbed) version.

Funny websites of the week

As I crawled around I found two nice sites, which I want to raise the flag for.

First I found the site vrana.cz when I was looking for the book by Richard Bach. I was surprised, that there is a full copy of that book on the website vrana.cz/racek. Then I found that there is also a small heap of information about PHP. Good enough.

Next today was La Trine, famous (does not matter you never heard a word about it) web log for technically speaking people mainly held by the creator of Texy! — unbelievable tool not only for ninnies.

Restoring services

After more than one month of outage caused mostly by the lack of spare time, I restored e‑mail services, DNS and web services. Other services are still in my job queue.

For e‑mail services back-end I choose Postfix as MTA, Dovecot as IMAP server, SpamAssassin as the junk mail filter, ClamAV and AMaViS as virus scanners and Horde as excellent web front-end.

Current hardware is generic Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.40 GHz with 768 MB dual channel SDRAM and big enough PATA-RAID5.

Final destination of the server is Casablanca INT housing centre, gracefully provided by SuperNetwork s.r.o..

Please feel free to contact me, if you encounter any problems.

Meeting Buddhism for the First Time

I talked to my friend Sabina about some of my life experiences and my view of the World. She told me that I’m not far from the Buddhism, which I wasn’t able to rebut. Simply because I didn’t know anything about it. She told me that I can meet Danish lama Ole Nydahl next week.
I saw it as a great opportunity to gain more experience about myself and the others. So I came to the meeting and here are my first expressions from the Buddhism and the meeting with the lama.

As we came there, I was surprised by the amount of people waiting for the lama. I don’t know the numbers, but I guess there was more than 500 people. Mostly young people between 20 — 30.

Lama’s speech was simply cool. Číst dále