Měsíc: Srpen 2005

Reality show mania

The nation has been caught up by the reality show fever. First show started few days ago and the next one will start I think in September on the main commercial channel. I haven’t seen it yet, because I’ve recently limited smoking and I’m not ready to watch the show yet. But, I admit that I’m really curious.

And of course, it’s nice to see how the download speeds on almost any media (including the backbones) grow during the show every day.

Gmail released

Today was the day of unexpected releases. The first was Google Talk (as I noted before in this article) and now the same company released it’s popular Gmail to the general public.

I personally think that it was not planned, but the existing Gmail account is needed to use Google Talk, so they’ve made the decision to release Gmail (after 16 months of beta testing) to support the Google Talk.

Both services are free, but commercial and not as open as we want them. But they work so well, that they will be a must have in a few months.

Google Talk is here

The world’s most popular search engine provider introduced it’s beta version of Google Talk. Let’s take a closer look on it.

It is a small application available only for windows. But you have not to be worried, because it’s based on XMMP formal standard defined by IETF and previously by the Jabber open-source community. These standards are open and there are many IM client implementations available.

It supports Google accounts and integrates Gmail address book. That’s good and bad, because you need the existing Gmail account to use it, so you also need an invitation from the Gmail user (eg. me).
It supports not only instant messaging but very nice voice communication too. It will probably use SIP in the near future and I guess that video will follow in less than one year.

Usually beta in Google’s native language means something more than very useful. For example Gmail is the technology leader in web-based e‑mail and I suppose that Google Talk will achieve leadership in instant messaging very soon, because it is crystal clear, it has nice and simple interface and it works.

One question remains. Who will be listed as the bestseller of wireless VoIP headsets in Czech Republic on Froogle?

Curious RIPE assignments

I was surprised today, when I’ve found out that some IPv4 address spaces are not registered (and probably they are not assigned) in RIPE DB, but they are still used. I thought that this is not possible or it’s not possible for such a long time.

For example the GoogleBot web indexing spider farm uses address space in — and probably more than this, but I can’t find any record matching this address space in RIPE DB. Is it RIPE’s fault or is Google using unassigned space for his robots?

Having fun with free software

Respected author, anti-nazi and pro-marijuana campaigner J.X.Doležal published probably the most controversial article about the Firefox browser and the open source community. I will not point at the factual mistakes he made in his article, because others already did it (for example root.cz from the Internet Info family).

I want to share my surprise about what nobody mentioned. For many people (including myself), free software is about having fun in the first place. Writing it, using it or modifying it to meet your needs. It’s not always about the money. Many people prefer Linux as the OS kernel, Apache every time they need the web server and Firefox for browsing the web. Not because it’s the best thing they can have for the least amount of money, but simply because they have more fun with free software than with commercial software. And at last but not least, when you pay for something you expect that it will bring you more money. That’s how the business works today.

One observation in the end: I don’t need replacement for any free software, I always replace commercial software with free software. But this is out of the scope of my article.

Learning during the weekend

Learning during the weekend is almost impossible. Main reason for being impossible is that the world outside your room is so pretty that you always want to be there. No sitting at home and learning about antiderivatives (improper integrals or whatever you want). That’s obvious, but the second reason is much worse.

Imagine that you kicked your girlfriend off your flat in the afternoon. You told her, that she must leave because you really need to learn. And now you can’t stop thinking about what you did. Was it right? Haven’t you harmed her?
Mathematics book

So you are on page 12 of 123 and you need to do much more, but it’s impossible. Now you are ready to start walking in the vicious circle around your room. You can also wash the dishes and clothes. Her clothes, because she does not have a washing machine. But nothing will help you, including about a box of cigarettes.

During writing this article, she calls with the invitation for the dinner.

After an hour and the dinner you are ready for a small talk when you (together) decide to end that relationship, because she wants to spend more time with you. And that’s why you can’t learn during the weekend.

State symbol changed

The government stated today, that they are changing the official state symbol from the Lion to the condom, because this symbol much better expresses the government politics. The condom can dilate same as the inflation, it also lowers the production, destroys next generations, protects dicks and gives the man the feeling of safety while being fucked.

Originally posted by Jasper White.