Měsíc: Září 2005

Old photo gallery removed

I’ve finally removed my old photo gallery (established in 2001) and everything is now in one structure of Gallery2. 2901 pictures contained within 162 albums has been moved in 20 hours of sorting and guessing where and when. Then it took my server 6 minutes to remove all old content from the disk array (simply executing shell command rm -rf obsoleted). Now I have more than 20 GB of new free space.

Some dates and places in the Gallery2 titles and descriptions are probably incorrect, so please tell me if you find something to make clear.

Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy

Do you have a couple of free hours? Let’s have a fun with Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy. Adventure game featuring at least: 

  • an irreverent story with absolutely no mammoths or talking robots,
  • eight hours of addicting gameplay, divided over four parts and fifty unique locations,
  • full score and 2,500 lines of recorded dialog and
  • llamas.

I’ve played many adventure games before, but hardly any of them was so funny as this senior project in Computer Science at Yale University.

Relevant link: greGAMES


If you remember Kim Ki-Duk’s 2 years old (and probably one of his most valued) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring and you have enjoyed it, you will definitely like his new movie 3‑Iron.

Both movies are about feelings and impressions. They are calm, quiet and both have a very good soundtrack. The main difference between those two masterpieces is that Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring can be real, but you will never be sure what is reality and what is a dream in 3‑Iron.

When comparing these two masterpieces, 3‑Iron is also very romantic and not so brutal as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring. One of the main building blocks of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring is the life in harmony with the nature. This is not so important for 3‑Iron, but the inner harmony inside our minds is (at least partial) subject of both movies.

My impression is that 3‑Iron is a step forward for Kim Ki-Duk and both movies will bring peace into your mind.

Related links: sonyclassics.com/3iron, sonyclassics.com/spring

Different colors in Internet Browsers

I’ve always knew there is something wrong with the Internet browsers, but I never thought that it will show me my own pictures in different colors. For example on the first page of my photo gallery Mozilla FireFox displays 79110 unique colors, MSIE has 78991 and Opera only 78978.

Anti-aliasing and all those hoggish effects were disabled during the test, but two tested browsers does not use standard controls, so I repeated the rest with stripped controls. I’ve got 77936 colors in Opera, 78065 in Mozilla FireFox and 77937 in MSIE.

From this point of view Mozilla FireFox is the most feature rich browser ever, MSIE has the second place and Opera is the absolute loser.

This is how the design and look and feel sells.

I don’t trust everything I see for the first look (including the numbers), so I’ve tried more images and then I saw that Opera and Mozilla FireFox have 100 percent match in lossless compressed PNG colors, but the JPEG colors are little bit different. MSIE is not able to match lossless compressed PNG, nearly the quarter of all used colors differ from the original.

So, for the biggest amount of colors and the most precise color matching, Mozilla FireFox wins the battle.

Being left or right

It’s told that who is not a socialist until 30 does not have a heart and who is still socialist after reaching 30, does not have a brain.

I’m 25 and when looking at today’s local politics, I’m very confused, because our government tries to complete the mission impossible. They are boosting the taxes to the absolute limit. But what’s crazy, we have progressive appraisement, which means that the taxes are significantly higher (in percents) for rich people. What we get for it? Slow but dangerous highways, poor pensions, useless and noncompetitive education, basic-only health care in encumbered public hospitals, bent police (all levels), regulated economic environment and currently very expensive petrol. Where the hell is laissez-faire?

For example we plan to invest more 52 M€ to the army, more than 13 M€ to the minority of unemployed, but only 2.3 M€ goes to the Environment in FY 2005.

They are collecting money from everybody, but much more from people having annual income > 10 k€. The biggest reality show starts when taxes are collected. Because the unemployement is the biggest threat for the society, hundreds of thousands people are paid from our taxes for doing their 1 hour jobs in 8 hours a day. And everybody who touches the rest of those money, takes the part.
Ooops, we have no more chips! Look on our hands, we have nothing, we have to collect more next year! And we, of course, have to be more progressive, so let’s take more from the rich (approx. 60 percent of GNP), because they do not vote for us, and give a part to the poor, who will vote for us next year.

Who wants to work more for getting less?

The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie tells the story of two young men meeting the real life and the real people while travelling through the South America of the early fifties of the 20th century. On the ’39 Norton 500 motorcycle, on foot, hitchhiking, on the boat, by plane …

It’s very nice, sometimes very very sad, story full of humanity, nice feelings and huge impressions. Story of the pride, prowess, loyalty and the every day bravery. Definitely one of those much better movies, that you have to see.

Believe me, that eight of ten stars on IMDB and the placement in top 250 movies ever is really fair.

War of the Worlds

Four words (and a definite article): The worst happy end ever.

Really. This is probably the world’s biggest celebration of wasting money and the talents I’ve ever seen. Believe me, Tom Cruise is brilliant, his fear is so close to real and the creatures are audio visually great, but … Why the hell is everything in this movie so pathetic?