Jirka Pech

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Available for download in czech and english (but you will be asked for the password). Last updated in January 2005.

Fast Facts

  • birthday: December 12th
  • religion: spiritual but not religious
  • ethnicity: Caucasian (white), photo available
  • children: daughter Leontýna, sons Oliver and Erik
  • relationship status: married Matilda in September 2007
  • education: undereducated
  • occupation: business owner, independent software vendor
  • personal qualities: urbanity, very strong personality, analytical, logical and clear thinking, self-starting and initiative, flexibility and leadership.
  • political view: drastic right
  • humor: dry/sarcastic, clever/quick witted
  • sexual orientation: oriented enough
  • fashion:minimal, smart, urban
  • smoking: intermittently
  • drinking: occasionally
  • living: virtually
  • passions: gentle art of making enemies
  • sports: at least but not last sex
  • activities: thinking all the time
  • books:
    • Little Prince,
    • all the books by Richard Bach (eg. Jonathan Livingston Seagull),
    • everything from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams,
    • Hurra, wir leben noch by Johannes Mario Simmel and most of his other books,
    • Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming by Roger Zelazny,
    • The Complete Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny,
    • The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger,
    • and all that books which made me cry or laugh
  • music:
  • tv shows:
  • movies:
  • cuisines: my wife’s cuisine of course
  • country of origin: Czech Republic

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