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My current project is named Energy Expert s.r.o. — the company focused on renewable energy resources, mainly photovoltaic power plants, solar roofs and similar development. I own 40 % of the company shares and I’m the Managing Director of the company since 2009.

The close enough History

Since November 2003, I was involved as the analyst and/or programmer in many projects for Tech Data Distribution, s.r.o. (TD), subsidiary of the Tech Data Corporation. In 2005–2007 I was involved in the key role of company transformation to the new ERP and I was doing my best as the IT systems development coordinator since 2007 and eCommerce manager since 2008. Besides of that, here is the brief list of other projects I heavily influenced:

  • eReseller

    The ultimate B2B/B2C solution. Application itself is the medium complexity, template based, multi language e‑shop, which is data-driven (or we can use the term business-driven) by TD’s B2B customers, but everything else is maintained and driven by TD. It means really easy e‑business in IT distribution industry for everybody.

    There are only two or three solutions like this one on the Czech IT distribution market and this one was the first B2C solution for B2B customers.

    view the Czech description

  • DataExchange

    SOAP/WSDL based B2B and B2C web services.

    This is probably the oldest proof of the SOAP/WSDL concept in IT distribution market worldwide and I’m the proud (father) of it.

    It provides customers with very easy A2A interface, which can be implemented in few hours to almost any programming language/framework with zero extra knowledge.
    DataExchange provides services for exchanging documents like electronic orders, invoices and full product catalogues in maximum detail. And the best, it costs nearly nothing.

    view the Czech description

  • InfoDesk

    Pro-activity CRM tool. It is platform independent, fully object oriented, multi language and runs in any web browser. Also it’s the proof of concept for Active Directory (NTLM) authentication and Samba cooperation.

I’ve been running my own company since April 2006 until 2010, seeking for new talents (mainly for blu-ray.cz) and acting as the chief executive officer (the one who is putting his head on the silver plate). The bigger players definitely started to rule the market in 2009, so I’ve decided to close the company in 2010 as long as it was still profitable.

I’ve also played the role of Instant Rails < 2 code base maintainer. My mission was to prepare the last builds before new major release, at least add MySQL5 complete support and then maintain it all. By fulfilling this goals, the core development team has freed some resources to focus on pretty new Instant Rails release 2.0.

The ancient History

In the past I created some intranet applications for Czech Telecom, a.s., which were surprisingly still used in 2006.

I designed and managed some copper gigabit networks based on Belden/Panduit and I also maintained too many servers and WAN routers to remember them all. The biggest amount of machines under my command was 11 Fedora Core Linux web and database servers (including this one) running MySQL and Oracle databases (8i, 10g and XE) at the end of 2007, then I was more focused on the management roles and handed them all over to my colleagues.

I made some websites, mostly the company presentations with CMS and some e‑shops, but only a few of them is still running. And I also created tens of small applications written in too many programming languages to be mentioned.

As I see I’m still listed as a developer of PHP Bug Tracker, which I made some improvements to (you can also visit my page on SourceForge).

One of my first occupations was the programming teacher. When somebody asks me, I usually say that I was teaching little children how to do programming (and web programming few years later) and to tell the truth, many of them were older than I was. But it is understandable, because I started when I was about fourteen or fifteen. It was sometimes very funny and I want to return to teaching in the future.

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