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Another excellent movie. Not the top rated one, but definitely the must see, bacause it’s the one of the best anti-racist movies, I’ve ever seen.

I personally haven’t believed in what I have seen while crying like a baby. And that’s the point. You may not believe in what you see, but it will touch you.


If you remember Kim Ki-Duk’s 2 years old (and probably one of his most valued) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring and you have enjoyed it, you will definitely like his new movie 3‑Iron.

Both movies are about feelings and impressions. They are calm, quiet and both have a very good soundtrack. The main difference between those two masterpieces is that Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring can be real, but you will never be sure what is reality and what is a dream in 3‑Iron.

When comparing these two masterpieces, 3‑Iron is also very romantic and not so brutal as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring. One of the main building blocks of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring is the life in harmony with the nature. This is not so important for 3‑Iron, but the inner harmony inside our minds is (at least partial) subject of both movies.

My impression is that 3‑Iron is a step forward for Kim Ki-Duk and both movies will bring peace into your mind.

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The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie tells the story of two young men meeting the real life and the real people while travelling through the South America of the early fifties of the 20th century. On the ’39 Norton 500 motorcycle, on foot, hitchhiking, on the boat, by plane …

It’s very nice, sometimes very very sad, story full of humanity, nice feelings and huge impressions. Story of the pride, prowess, loyalty and the every day bravery. Definitely one of those much better movies, that you have to see.

Believe me, that eight of ten stars on IMDB and the placement in top 250 movies ever is really fair.

War of the Worlds

Four words (and a definite article): The worst happy end ever.

Really. This is probably the world’s biggest celebration of wasting money and the talents I’ve ever seen. Believe me, Tom Cruise is brilliant, his fear is so close to real and the creatures are audio visually great, but … Why the hell is everything in this movie so pathetic?

The Robots

Fairy tale of the young guy with the head full of nice ideas trying to save the world. World of robots. Made by robots and used by robots.

Prepare for that everybody in this movie is a robot. Not only the humans, but also toys, toasters and toilets. And it’s nice, because everybody (and everything) behaves like in normal world. It’s again the same story — take something/somebody (bug, fish, toy, cars or for example fairy tale heroes) and let them live a normal life with all the absurd situations coming from the fact that it’s not human, but behaves the same in a very natural way.

You have probably seen some other movies (the best are surely those made by DreamWorks SKG and The Pixar Studios). This one is, by my opinion, not so good. But it is more than good enough to be seen in the IMAX theatres. And it is also funny enough for kids, even if it is not rated as clean as possible (MPAA PG for some brief language and suggestive humor). And I strongly recommend to watch out for the original (not dubbed) version.

A Very Long Engagement

During the Second World War, five men hurt themselves to be sent home from the front line. But unfortunately, they all had to face a court, which decided to send them to the land of nobody (between enemy lines) to be killed by enemies. Then all five men to died in very dramatic situations. Or at least hardly anybody believed they are still alive. But after the war, the girlfriend of the youngest man, Mattilda (Audrey Tatou), does not believe that and tries to find the truth.

This movie is very romantic and there are many nice scenes in the movie, most of the war pictures are taken with a special filter which makes a difference between the past (the war) and the present. There are many romantic scenes from the Mattilda’s youth, but also some very sad scenes from the war.

It is not the movie of the year, but at least it should be a movie of the month.

Hide and Seek

Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning playing his little daughter bring to us a credible drama in the old village house. De Niro is one of todays most experienced film actors and he knows how to do it, to make you believe him almost everything. And the little child Dakota has more film experience than you can believe. She constantly appears on screen from her six years.

But back to the movie. Until the seventienth minute you will probably have no clue, who is there missing in the movie and who/why is the bad, but then the characters will start to uncover themselves, things will be more predictable and in the last minutes all things will get absolutely clear. The atmosphere of the movie itself is really scary and the great performance of both main actors helps to create very good horror experience. It is sometimes a little bit bloody, but not more than the daily news.

I do not want to tell you the whole story, but it is in my opinion a good movie. Not that kind you know as a must see, but good enough. If you like psycho dramas and intelligent horrors you surely enjoy this movie.


When I’ve been watching Constantine, I smiled sometimes. But I was not scared, so I can’t say that it’s an horror movie, but it could be an anti-smoking action thriller with some obscene finger gestures and (mostly poor) humor. Even if you now what will happen in next five minutes. 

I like Keanu Reeves since his appearance in The Devil’s Advocate (1997) and The Matrix (1999), but I have to tell you that this is not his best movie ever. In fact, it is another exorcist movie arranged by the Hollywood. So it is funny, readable, with great audio/visual effects, but really far from The Devil’s Advocate mentioned above and I think you can’t take it seriously. It seemed to me that the director tried to make another video clip more that an adaptation of the comic book. Also the characters are miserably misinterpreted, so you can’t really believe in them, but the movie goes fast so you will probably not get bored enough to leave the cinema before it ends.

3 of 10. Sorry, Neo.

All Is Full Of Love

Have you ever seen the clip for the song All Is Full Of Love performed by Björk directed by famous Chris Cunningham? I have seen it for the first time today and I was shocked. Positively. It is nice, gentle and extraordinary peaceful.

Two humanoid robots — first looking like the second, but they are different — being created by another machines present us the desire of lesbian love. And that’s not everything, the clip brings us more messages. About soul and maternity and so. It’s fantastic and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it before, because this clip won many awards around the world. You can find more information here.