Being left or right

It’s told that who is not a socialist until 30 does not have a heart and who is still socialist after reaching 30, does not have a brain.

I’m 25 and when looking at today’s local politics, I’m very confused, because our government tries to complete the mission impossible. They are boosting the taxes to the absolute limit. But what’s crazy, we have progressive appraisement, which means that the taxes are significantly higher (in percents) for rich people. What we get for it? Slow but dangerous highways, poor pensions, useless and noncompetitive education, basic-only health care in encumbered public hospitals, bent police (all levels), regulated economic environment and currently very expensive petrol. Where the hell is laissez-faire?

For example we plan to invest more 52 M€ to the army, more than 13 M€ to the minority of unemployed, but only 2.3 M€ goes to the Environment in FY 2005.

They are collecting money from everybody, but much more from people having annual income > 10 k€. The biggest reality show starts when taxes are collected. Because the unemployement is the biggest threat for the society, hundreds of thousands people are paid from our taxes for doing their 1 hour jobs in 8 hours a day. And everybody who touches the rest of those money, takes the part.
Ooops, we have no more chips! Look on our hands, we have nothing, we have to collect more next year! And we, of course, have to be more progressive, so let’s take more from the rich (approx. 60 percent of GNP), because they do not vote for us, and give a part to the poor, who will vote for us next year.

Who wants to work more for getting less?

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