Different colors in Internet Browsers

I’ve always knew there is something wrong with the Internet browsers, but I never thought that it will show me my own pictures in different colors. For example on the first page of my photo gallery Mozilla FireFox displays 79110 unique colors, MSIE has 78991 and Opera only 78978.

Anti-aliasing and all those hoggish effects were disabled during the test, but two tested browsers does not use standard controls, so I repeated the rest with stripped controls. I’ve got 77936 colors in Opera, 78065 in Mozilla FireFox and 77937 in MSIE.

From this point of view Mozilla FireFox is the most feature rich browser ever, MSIE has the second place and Opera is the absolute loser.

This is how the design and look and feel sells.

I don’t trust everything I see for the first look (including the numbers), so I’ve tried more images and then I saw that Opera and Mozilla FireFox have 100 percent match in lossless compressed PNG colors, but the JPEG colors are little bit different. MSIE is not able to match lossless compressed PNG, nearly the quarter of all used colors differ from the original.

So, for the biggest amount of colors and the most precise color matching, Mozilla FireFox wins the battle.

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