Eye wrinkles

Do you prefer men or women with or without eye wrinkles?

I thought about it while studying methods of plastic surgery. Started with remembering eyes of all those girls I’ve ever loved. It’s neither small nor big number, somewhere in the middle … But, back to the problem. One of those girls had wrinkles, because she is five years older than me. Only one.

But now I’m five years older too, I have a daughter, and … no, don’t ask me if I have eye wrinkles or not … I naturally prefer women five years older. Will they all have eye wrinkles? Will I marry a woman having eye wrinkles?

Probably yes, but what? I feel happy facing this fact, because I remember one evening, when I was talking to one of my she-friends (no, she never was my girlfriend, if you want to know), sitting close to her at one table and looking to her eyes with … wrinkles. Tiny nice eye wrinkles, warning me that we are a little bit older than when we met for the first time.

And I feel happy remembering that evening, because I know that I can fully respect and love somebody having eye wrinkles. I still can’t say that I prefer women having eye wrinkles, but maybe I’m closer to it.

What about your friends? What about your wife or husband?

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