Google Talk is here

The world’s most popular search engine provider introduced it’s beta version of Google Talk. Let’s take a closer look on it.

It is a small application available only for windows. But you have not to be worried, because it’s based on XMMP formal standard defined by IETF and previously by the Jabber open-source community. These standards are open and there are many IM client implementations available.

It supports Google accounts and integrates Gmail address book. That’s good and bad, because you need the existing Gmail account to use it, so you also need an invitation from the Gmail user (eg. me).
It supports not only instant messaging but very nice voice communication too. It will probably use SIP in the near future and I guess that video will follow in less than one year.

Usually beta in Google’s native language means something more than very useful. For example Gmail is the technology leader in web-based e‑mail and I suppose that Google Talk will achieve leadership in instant messaging very soon, because it is crystal clear, it has nice and simple interface and it works.

One question remains. Who will be listed as the bestseller of wireless VoIP headsets in Czech Republic on Froogle?


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  1. Gmail released

    Today was the day of expected releases. The first was Google Talk (as I noted before in this article) and now the same company released it’s popular Gmail.

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