Learning during the weekend

Learning during the weekend is almost impossible. Main reason for being impossible is that the world outside your room is so pretty that you always want to be there. No sitting at home and learning about antiderivatives (improper integrals or whatever you want). That’s obvious, but the second reason is much worse.

Imagine that you kicked your girlfriend off your flat in the afternoon. You told her, that she must leave because you really need to learn. And now you can’t stop thinking about what you did. Was it right? Haven’t you harmed her?
Mathematics book

So you are on page 12 of 123 and you need to do much more, but it’s impossible. Now you are ready to start walking in the vicious circle around your room. You can also wash the dishes and clothes. Her clothes, because she does not have a washing machine. But nothing will help you, including about a box of cigarettes.

During writing this article, she calls with the invitation for the dinner.

After an hour and the dinner you are ready for a small talk when you (together) decide to end that relationship, because she wants to spend more time with you. And that’s why you can’t learn during the weekend.

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