Meeting Buddhism for the First Time

I talked to my friend Sabina about some of my life experiences and my view of the World. She told me that I’m not far from the Buddhism, which I wasn’t able to rebut. Simply because I didn’t know anything about it. She told me that I can meet Danish lama Ole Nydahl next week.
I saw it as a great opportunity to gain more experience about myself and the others. So I came to the meeting and here are my first expressions from the Buddhism and the meeting with the lama.

As we came there, I was surprised by the amount of people waiting for the lama. I don’t know the numbers, but I guess there was more than 500 people. Mostly young people between 20 — 30.

Lama’s speech was simply cool. And what seemed unbelievable to me, before I heard him, it was also funny. Not everything, because I can’t put up with that part of his speech dedicated to Islam. That part was in my opinion too dogmatic. But except that part, everything what was said, was cool and lama Ole impressed me with that he has everything in his mind well arranged. Of course he is the Buddhist, so his view of the World is strictly Buddhistic, but most of his thoughts presented today seem very nice to me.

What I learned there is that my view of the World is hardly far from the Buddhism. Especially my view of the reality, which is near to be the same. I still don’t know anything about Buddhistic meditation and I can’t imagine myself wishing to become Buddha, but at least I sympathize with lama Ole and his way of Buddhism.

Of course, I can’t know how I will think tomorrow and where I will be. I can imagine how my mind changes to be closer and closer to the Buddhism when the right time comes. In fact, this process started many years ago, but I learned only today, that it is such process.

Lama Ole will be back in October and I seriously think about meeting him again. To tell the truth I look forward to him.

One thing which was not said during the meeting, is increasing importance of protection of Tibet. Nowadays, nobody protects Tibet, although China becomes more and more powerful. I’m sure that the Buddhism is important not only for Tibet but also for the rest of the World. Because, the Buddhism comes from Tibet, I think the western countries should protect Tibet as it is the only reservoir of the pure Buddhism. Don’t take it, like I’m some kind of a fanatic, I’m far from it, but what I say, it that you don’t have to be a Buddhist, but the Buddhism itself is important for you. Or will be in one of your next lives.


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