A Very Long Engagement

During the Second World War, five men hurt themselves to be sent home from the front line. But unfortunately, they all had to face a court, which decided to send them to the land of nobody (between enemy lines) to be killed by enemies. Then all five men to died in very dramatic situations. Or at least hardly anybody believed they are still alive. But after the war, the girlfriend of the youngest man, Mattilda (Audrey Tatou), does not believe that and tries to find the truth.

This movie is very romantic and there are many nice scenes in the movie, most of the war pictures are taken with a special filter which makes a difference between the past (the war) and the present. There are many romantic scenes from the Mattilda’s youth, but also some very sad scenes from the war.

It is not the movie of the year, but at least it should be a movie of the month.

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