AJAX vs. SQL on Rails

There is a new title by O’Reilly. Ajax on Rails is really hyper name for a book. As somebody noticed in a discussion, it has 66% of buzzwords in the title and I suppose, that only one book may be a better bestseller. Wait for Ajax on Rails 2.0!

Scott Raymond, already wrote the prototype quickref two months ago (selling currently for $10) and now mined himself, added some buzzwords and tries to sell the new piece for $40.

Really, I have nothing against Scott, but I wonder for how many people is he writing these books. How many people really need deep understanding of Prototype and Rails integration? The core members already know it all and the rest simply uses it. Do you personally know anybody who has this book in his library? Or better on his desk? Instead of Scott Raymond himself?

Bored from reading all those books? You should definitely try the brand old SQL on Rails! Haven’t you ever wanted to have your own google-killing enterprise-class search engine? See the screencast on how to do it in eight minutes.

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