Armagetron Advanced: A Safe Multiplayer for Kids

As many of you know, I have some kids. One day I was thinking about showing them a magic of the Internet multiplayer games. But I was sure they’re ready for Dooms, Quakes and such things. So, I set the priorities and requirements of the game to be:

  • non-violent: at least no blood, no shooting, stabbing and no chainsaw massacres
  • free: open source if possible, but try and buy at least
  • multiplatform: we had 2x Fedora, 1x CentOS, 1x Mac OS X, 1x Windows 7, 1x Windows 10
  • not obsolete: my time is not cheap and I really don’t want to solve issues instead of playing
  • many players: games for two players are not interesting enough

Tough rules, you might think. And after doing some research on this topic, I can’t agree more.

So after few hours of searching and testing, I finally found the winner. Armagetron Advanced — the open source alternative to the original Tron in 3D. And with some (actually many) advancements too.

It works on all machines we currently poses. Well, I have not tried Raspberry Pi 3 yet, but I’m pretty sure it might work even on this little ARM beast.

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