Where is man in Debian 11.5 bullseye

So you updated to (or installed) debian 11.5 “bullseye” and called man something from the command line. And the response was unusually
-bash: man: command not found

Then you googled a little and here you are. Fortunately it’ll be quick. In case you are logged in as root (not recommended), just run:
apt -y update && apt -y install man
Otherwise run
sudo apt -y update && sudo apt -y install man sudo
You will be prompted for root password (once) in the second case. And that’s it. You now have Debian Linux 11.5 with man installed.

What have you really done?

Since you now have man installed, you can start by running
man apt
and learn more about the package management system. Then you might run
man sudo
and learn more about running commands as superuser or another user when logged in as a non-privileged user (recommended).

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